Baby’s Baby Bath Seats

Do you get frustrated when bathing your baby? Baby Bath Seats are a third hand, and can save you and your baby frustration when it comes to bath time. Although there are many styles to choose from, most baby bath seats are made from hardened plastic. The plastic has a resistance to mold, slime and other aquatic growths and when properly taken care of will last through your child’s first years of bathing.

Models that cradle your baby are great for very young infants and when they start to sit up and play in the water, most people tend to switch to the more appropriate baby bath seat. Baby bath seats will accommodate an infant up to about 30 lbs which can help tremendously when your child becomes very active with kicking and splashing.

Children love to play in water, and having a seat that is mobile and can be placed in multiple situations like the kitchen sink or bath tub is more than a convenience. Suction cups hold the base to the tub or sink with enough power to keep the bath seat in place through the whole bath and eliminates tipping.

While some won’t recommend you use a seat like this to bath your baby, others rave how they and their children love the seats and how they allow the child to play and explore while in the tub and gives the back a rest from having to wrestle the entire time. This gives you and your baby a more enjoyable experience.

Having your baby be in more than a tablespoon of water has consequences and using one of these seats for bathing has inherent risks and you should never leave your baby alone in the bath for even an instant. Babies are slippery when wet and while the baby bath seat is a modern convenience, it is not to be misconstrued as a device that can be used without supervision and a responsible adult present.